Floral Letter in Blush and gold Paper Flowers - Flower Initial for Nursery

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The brilliant gold on these letters offers a visually dazzling display of color, texture, and life. I have created a line of paper mache letters and numbers designed to add a touch of nature and enchantment to your home or nursery.

Each piece of floral wall décor is expertly crafted using ivory, gold, and blush paper flowers accented with dried tufts of Baby’s Breath and greenery. 

The letter or number is made from paper mache and are very lightweight so attach easily to a wall with velcro self-adhesive strips or a ribbon. Let us know if you would like us to add them for you.

16 inches tall - 10 inches wide - 3 inches thick

Flowers are handmade using sturdy coffee filter paper. Each flower petal is hand cut, painted and individually hung to dry so colors don't RUN. Flowers are then assembled petal by petal, shaped and curled to create the perfect flower that will last a lifetime.

Letters are made to order so please let me know if you have any special requests.